She Works Flexible A site for discourse and poetic exchange, dedicated to showing work from feminist artists based or connected to Texas and the Gulf Coast in dialogue with national and international feminist artists, writers and filmmakers.

Lynne McCabe, Still from  14hrs , 2010

Lynne McCabe, Still from 14hrs, 2010

Lynne McCabe, director of She Works Flexible, comes to this position as a multi-disciplinary socially engaged artist who creates videos, installations, performances, and photographs, but it is perhaps most accurate to say that her primary medium is conversation. By facilitating seminars and events, studying texts, and conducting interviews, the Glasgow-born, Houston-based artist at once critiques and partakes in gestures of relational aesthetics and community art.

Lynne McCabe, Director,  She Works Flexible

Lynne McCabe, Director, She Works Flexible

A long-time participant in the critical arts landscape of Houston, McCabe served on the Diverseworks artist board from 2012 to 2014. She was an artist in residence at Blaffer Art Museum where she organized the social sculpture workshop and exhibition Room to be (Ms)Understood in 2012 and taught in the University of Houston’s Interdisciplinary Art program through the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts. McCabe served as Vice Chair of the Programing Committee at Lawndale Art Center there from 2003 to 2006 where she curated a statewide survey of photography, video and performance, Impossible Exchange: New Lens-Based Work from Texas.

She received her BA with honors from The Glasgow School of Art in 1999 and received her MFA in Social Practice from California College of the Arts in 2010 and has exhibited nationally and internationally, most notably as part of the 53rd Venice Biennale. McCabe was also a recipient of a 2008 Artadia Award. Her writings have been included in several books published by Practice and Practice Press, 2009-2010, online at SFMOMA, 2010, Becoming Love, More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s – Catalogue published by the Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina and most recently, Cite: The Architecture + Design Review of Houston, published quarterly by the Rice Design Alliance.