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Nadège Grebmeier Forget: Murs De Vent

A window. A door. A space. Two windows with no windows in a wall in your space. A space. A wall. A space. A mirror. A wall hiding a window. Two windows with no windows in a wall in my space.  

Exploring oral accounts as a new way of framing and viewing live performance “in absentia,” One on one’s for so-called fans is a series of private performances for 1 to 3 pre-selected witnesses, who are then asked to publicly reveal the performative narrative of their encounter. Through storytelling, the bodies and gestures of the witnesses become the only way of retracing the original actions, while inverting the status of the performer. Interested in documentation as an ongoing creative process playing out before, during or after her performances, Murs De Vent continues Grebmeier Forget’s research by focusing on literal or metaphorical ways of mirroring.

Grebmeier Forget's performance is presented as part of I've Only Known My Own, an exhibition of performance and performance-related work curated by Nicole Burisch.